Business & Economy Startups Co-founder Affi Assegaf leaves Female Daily Network management team

Co-founder Affi Assegaf leaves Female Daily Network management team




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Having been non-active in the past one year, Assegaf left Female Daily Network due to personal reason

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Left to right: Female Daily Network co-founders Affi Assegaf, Novita Imelda, Hanifa Ambadar

Following collaboration with Co-Founder and CEO Hanifa Ambadar, Female Daily Network Co-Founder and Business Director Affi Assegaf announced her resignation from the company’s management team.

Ambadar told DailySocial that Assegaf’s decision to leave the company had been made two years ago. In the past one year, Assegaf no longer actively working at the Female Daily Network office.

“The point is that Assegaf’s decision to leave the company is due to personal reasons. Assegaf, who was in charge of content on the Female Daily Network platform, could no longer contribute fulltime to the platform,” Ambadar said.

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When asked about whether Assegaf’s resignation will affect operations at the company, Ambadar stressed that her resignation will not disrupt business and managerial activities. The CEO also stated that the company currently has no plan to recruit a new executive to replace Assegaf’s position as Business Director.

“We will remain focussed on recruiting young talents to host the Female Daily segment on YouTube and our own site,” she added.

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Gaining popularity among Gen-Z

While the platform maintains its focus on beauty information, Female Daily Network claimed that it has begun to be visited by users of Gen-Z.

Millennials are no longer the target of startups and major brands; secondary school students have started reading and enjoying the content on Female Daily.

The Female Daily app itself is currently available on both Android and iOS apps.

“At the moment we have two million users, in line with our commitment to focus on 99 per cent beauty content since 2014. It is expected that the number of our users will continue to increase,” Ambadar said.

Female Daily also plans to announce its most recent business plans and updates in the year 2019.

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