Business & Economy Startups Leisure marketplace SelenaGO raises seed funding from UMG Idealab

Leisure marketplace SelenaGO raises seed funding from UMG Idealab




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The corporate venture capital arm of UMG Group has invested in the leisure marketplace company from Indonesia

Indonesia-based leisure marketplace SelenaGO announced that it has received an undisclosed amount of seed investment from UMG Idealab. The announcement was made official on April 22, in Arkadia Communal Space, Jogjakarta.

The company stated that it will use the funding for wider market penetration, starting from Jogjakarta as one of the main tourist cities in Indonesia.

SelenaGO just changed its old website handle from GOSelena to SelenaGO. It also just wrapped up on the launching event of the sites featuring its CEO Artin Wuriyani, Viva Barista, and co-founder of Filosofi Kopi, a renowned local coffee place, Handoko Hendroyono.

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The city’s tourism department and tourist village management, as well as community and workshop management, were also present during the launching event.

SelenaGO has four categories of activities; Trip, Workshop, Watching (for music, movies, and other cultural events), and Hangout (dedicated for the hangout activity itself).

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“We hope that the platform can be the main reference for the public and tourists that look for activities to fill their leisure time. We target not only individuals or businesses but also community and youth that are looking to start a leisure business or even looking to start a positive movement,” said the representative of SelenaGO.

SelenaGO’s platform seeks to allow event organisers or service providers to ditch manual ticket management. It lets users register as sellers, fill in the activity or event details, and arrange the schedule of the activities while Selena will be the event promoter.

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